• 1.How to set up the mail function (SMTP)?

      There is a corresponding tutorial in the attachment. Please refer to the tutorial.

      2.What should I do if I lose my login password?

      The Hikvision solution can reset a new password through the super password, and there is a corresponding tutorial. In the Mstar solution, the IPC can be restored to factory values through the search tool.

      3.Does it support the HTTPS protocol?

      The Mstar solution currently supports, and the client can upload the SSL certificate to realize the https link.

      4.What is the number of linked terminals.

      It is the number of terminals that the IPC can connect to at the same time. For example, NVR is a terminal, web is a terminal, and mobile APP is also a terminal. IPC is an embedded device, and its internal resources are limited, so the number of terminal resources are limited, so the number of terminal connections must be limited. Each code stream corresponds to 3 terminals. However, similar NVR generally requires two streams (main stream and second stream), so it is generally said that three terminals are connected..

      5.Do you have 4K PoE IP Fisheye Cameras?

      BesView Security has a profesional series PoE IP Fisheye cameras, metal housing IP66 Water-proof, , 25m IR night vision, chipset solution from 2MP, 5MP to 8MP, with Built-in PoE, built-in Microphone, built-in Speaker, SD card Slot functions etc. optional.

      6.Could you provide the SKD for your IPC Cameras?

      BesView Security provides IP Camera free SKD for web/linux/windows/app.

      7.Whether BesView Security has an 8MP 30fps H.265 IP camera Solution?

      Yes!Sony415 Sensor to do 8MP@30fps series IP cameras.

      8.What is the distance that the high speed camera will automatically track from?

      The lens has a focal length of 100mm, a resolution of 1080P, a magnification of 13.5 times, and a maximum tracking distance of 386.7m. Resolution 3MP, magnification 18 times, the longest distance is 515.6. Resolution 4MP, magnification 20 times, the longest distance 572.6. Resolution 5MP, magnification 24 times, the longest distance 687.5(Note: Tracking objects is calculated by a person with a height of 1.6m, a minimum of 80 pixels, and the human body occupies 1/4 of the lens ratio).

      9.What does motion detection means?

      Motion detection is to trigger an alarm or video recording when an object moves within the specified monitoring range.

      10.Does your system support audio and how does it work?

      There are two kinds of cameras with audio function. One is the built-in audio function of the camera itself. There is also an external audio recorder to sync audio signals to the camera's video, provided the camera has a reserved audio input port. Camera audio can be used as an alarm, motion detection, etc. Audible alarm through the camera.

      11.How do I name my cameras in my NVR interface?

      Access the NVR main menu. - Channel Management - OSD Configuration - Channel name ,You can change or switch between English and Chinese.

      12.How do I add a camera to the NVR?

      The network switch is the center. The network camera and the NVR are connected to the switch. Setting up the ip and communucation protocol of the network camera in NVR, if the setting is correct, you can see the picture, video.

      13.What lens optional you have?

      motor lens, manual lens and fixed lens.

      14.Can your camera automatically update firmware and alert you to new firmware features?

      No, you can contact our technician to get the latest firmware.

      14.Can your camera automatically update firmware and alert you to new firmware features?

      No, you can contact our technician to get the latest firmware.

      15.Can i use the software from cloud storage instead of a nvr?

      Software can be used from cloud storage.

      16.Does the camera have an rtsp stream?

      The RTSP URL format of the IPC is as follows (assuming the IPC IP is Main stream: rtsp://admin:123456@ Subcode stream: rtsp://admin:123456@ Above the RTSP URL, if audio is turned on, the streaming data will contain video and audio. If you only need video or audio data, use the following URL: Main stream video-only: rtsp://admin:123456@

      17.Can your camera work on 5G network?


      18.Can I view and record the video remotely?

      Yes, you can view and record the video remotely.

      19.Can several users view the live video?

      For remote APP viewing, the Arnviev solution can only support two users per camera, and if one is used to record video, the APP can only view one channel.

      20.What's the function of the camera with WDR?

      Even under high-contrast lighting, strong backlighting, glare, reflections and other uncontrollable or variable lighting conditions, WDR cameras can capture detail and accurate color in both the brightest and darkest areas of a scene.

      21.Can you view the camera from multiple phones?

      The Camera supports only two users, so if you use one camera to record, the app can only view one camera.

      22.Does your camera use 3DNR noise reduction?

      Our camera supports 2D NR/3D NR.

      23.How many megapixel cameras do you have up to? Do you have a 12MP one?

      Up to 8MP at present.

      24.What APP do you use?

      There are different APPS for different solutions, and you can talk in detail with the business to obtain the corresponding APP.

      25.How do cctv camera protect against fire?

      The operating temperature of Besview cameras is generally -10°-60°. Cameras with fire alarms can be purchased.

      26.What is the IP rating of outdoor camera?

      At least IP66.

      27.Can my cctv camera capture license plate number?

      NO,You need to use a license plate camera to catch the license plate.

      28.All of the images in the reviews seem distorted.  Has this camera got an image correction setting to get rid if the mega distortion at the edges?

      Partial distortion of the picture, this one is based on the lens, there is no image correction setting.

      29.Do your all cameras have SD slot?If not,which model could have it?

      Most of our cameras come with SD slots.

      30.can you set up camera to mirror image?

      All of our cameras support mirroring.

      31.Does anyone know how to get rid of the circle on the night vision ?

      It can't be removed. This circle is an area enhanced by infrared detection, which exists alone in the field of vision. If you want to see something more focused, this circle can enhance the detection. The field of vision outside the circle is of ordinary brightness.

      32.How does the RTSP connect?

      First take the video camera code stream, then download the third-party software VLC, and input the code stream to view it.

      33.Is this IP Camera that connects directly to local wifi network?

      IP cameras cannot be linked to local WiFi, they need to be linked to the NVR with a network cable.

      34.Does this camera have anti fog?

      This model does not have anti-fog functionality. However, it is rated IP66 and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

      35.Does your camera support car detection function?

      Some of our cameras can support models, such as our PTZ, which can be used with models over 4MP.

      36.your products have thermal vision?

      we have not this function.

      37.Can we connect solar panel to this camera

      No, you can't add solar pannel to the camera.

      38.Can you do SMS alarm?

      We can do sms alarm when in 4G camera in some counrties.

      39.Can you do call alarm?

      No, it's difficult to do call alarm.

      40.Do your cameras support Hik protocol?

      It supports Hik protocol, but two-way function can't work well with Hik Nvr.

    • 1.Do wifi camera works during home power failures?

      If there is a power outage, the WiFi camera will not work.

      2.If wifi cameras can use Ethernet?

      Ethernet can be used.

      3.What if WiFi connectivity is lost - will it auto connect and become live ?

      If the WiFi connection is interrupted, the previously connected ones can be automatically reconnected and activated.

    • 1.Is there a way to adjust the camera to 960 mode?

      Our camera doesn't support 960 mode for the time being.

    • 1.What are our company’s NVR product lines?

      So far, there are mainly two types, one is the Ruision solution, and the other is the Univision solution.

      2. Whether the NVR supports DDNS.

      Basically all machines can support the popular free DDNS.

      3. Is Univision’s NVR its own free DDNS?

      Univision has its own free DDNS. The website is: www.star4live.com. But we have not tested its link performance.

      4.Can the Univision NVR produced by our company use EZview? Why?

      EZview that cannot use Uniview can only use guardview. Because our company’s shipments are all white-label NVRs. EZview is a unique app for NVR under the brand name Univision. But the functions of the two are the same. The difference is the brand.

      5.Do your cameras or NVRs support cloud backup service or ONVIF?

      All our IPC and NVR supports ONVIF, not support cloud backup.

      6.How to connect many monitors by nvr?

      NVR has two different interfaces, VGA and HDMI, through which multiple displays can be connected to display the same picture.

      7.What is difference between NVR & DVR?

      DVR, with a hard disk inside, can store analog cameras connected to DVR. Note: DVR is connected to analog cameras. There are many BNC sockets in the back input port. NVR, more similar to a disk array, provides network storage space for IPC or DVS, that is to say, it stores the coded code stream after network transmission. NVR is a camera connected to the network. The back input is a network socket.

      8.Does NVR need to be connected to router?

      If you want to be remote, you need to connect the NVR device to the router. If the NVR device is more than 4 ports, you need to add a switch, which is connected to the NVR and the router by a network cable.

      9.Can NVR work without internet?

      NVR can be used without a network, but it cannot be controlled remotely.

      10.Is your NVR campatible with PTZ camera?


      11.How many hard drives will my NVR?

      Only one hard disk can be placed in a single panel, and two hard disks can be placed in a double panel at most.

      12.Does NVR have built-in speaker?

      There is no speaker, but most of them have an output interface that can be connected to the horn.

      13.What is the difference between 1080N and 1080P?

      1080N has half the storage capacity, but the resolution will decrease. Mainly the storage space and the compression capacity of the equipment. Generally, 1080N is only used for coaxial. This is the performance bottleneck of SOC's compression ability. With the same SOC, 4 CH of 1080p can be made, and 8 CH can be made by changing to 1080N.

    • 1.What browsers do you products support?

      Microsoft Edge/Chrome/Safari/Chrome/Firefox.

      2.Does your camera have an alarm function?

      Most of the POE cameras have the alarm function, if you need this function, pls comfirm with our salesman.

      3.How does the alarm function works?

      The alarm function forms an input and output loop through GPIO and an external transistor. Generally, it is normally open or normally closed input and output (can be defined by software), and the output is an OPEN interface without pull-up.

      4.Can I capture moving car?

      Yes, need to capture car can use our LPR camera series. You can also DIY by yourself.  Capturing the cars driving from the front and the cars driving from the side,the conditions and descriptions required are different. The results obtained are also different. In simple terms, it is generally possible to capture cars coming from the front to more than 90km/h, while cars running from the side are generally limited to less than 40km.

      5.Can I upgrade or replace the the memory on my camera?

      The camera itself has no memory, so you need to insert SD card or use cloud storage.

      6.What will happen if someone steal my camera?

      If the camera supports it, you can turn on the alarm events such as humanoid detection to warn you.

      7.Can Besview camera work in extreme hot or cold enviroment?

      The working temperature of the camera is-10 C ~ 60 C.

      8.Can your camera use Bluetooth?

      No, you can use WiFi connection.

    • 1.Does it support P2P?

      Yes, there are currently two solutions, one is Mstar, which uses Danale, and the other is Hikvision, which is P6S.

      2.Is it possible to provide SDK, and what is the environment in which the SDK is used?

      SDK can be provided. The SDK support platforms we currently have are windows, mac, arm and Linux.

      3.Is it possible to control the device through CGI? And what is CGI?

      Yes, CGI (Common Gateway Interface) is a standard interface for external extension applications to interact with the Web server. To put it simply, it is a way to obtain services with IPC from the IE browser (by entering the parameters in the address bar). For example, if we can get them from the following methods: 1. Directly open the browser and find the page that encodes 2. Use the SDK provided by the manufacturer, and then program to query. 3. Through the CGI interface, at this time, you only need to have a browser, and enter the CGI standard query url on the browser: h ttp://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxxx/cgi-bin/videocaptuer?Uid=xxxxx. At this time, the IPC encoding parameters will be returned on the web page. Because this method does not require the manufacturer to provide an additional SDK, it is welcome by the public.

      4.Is it sate to control IPC through CGI?

      Under normal circumstances, only knowing the IPC address can be controlled by CGI. In situations where safety is required, the onvif authentication value can be turned on. At this time, the CGI control commands all require a user name and password to control. Increased safety measures.

      5.CGI commands are accessed through UID. What is the survival time of the UID.

      It is 60 seconds. If there is continuous access, it will be postponed for 60 seconds. If the heartbeat is added, long-term operation can be achieved.

      6.Does it support RTSP streaming?


      7.What is the format of the TF card and what is the maximum capacity?

      There are generally two aspect to TF cards. One refers to the format of the TF card file system, that is, the format of the formatted TF card. This is generally FAT32 or EXTFAT. The two are actually similar, but we generally do FAT32. And another question is the file format we store on the TF card. This is generally in MP4 format. The general official version of the maximum capacity is 128G, and some can reach 256G.

      8.My IPC uses a fixed IP, why does the IP address change (mstar solution, using Univision NVR)

      Uniview NVR can detect IP conflicts on the network and modify the IP address of the IPC to avoid network congestion. The premise is that this IPC has joined the NVR and has been recognized by the NVR.

      9.Which ports are generally open for IPC? Or What’s the matter about my IPC port has opened xxx?

      Our IPC generally opens the following ports (depending on whether the function is open or not): 80 port: WEB and ONVIF protocol. 443 port: HTTPS protocol. 554 port: RTSP protocol 1935 port: RTMP protocol 8000 port: Hikvision control protocol. 8200 port: Hikvision stream receiving port. 8091 port: control protocol 37777 port: Dahua protocol. Close the corresponding protocol and close the corresponding port at the same time.

      10.What is the ANR protocol (technique). Does our camera support the end of ANR?

      This is a technology defined by Hikvision itself. It means that the front-end equipment has TF card storage, and it will also be transmitted to the back-end NVR in real time through the network. If the network is disconnected and reconnected, the front-end will disconnect for this period of time. The data is read from the TF card and sent to the NVR terminal. Let the NVR make up the recording to complete all the data, which can effectively prevent the loss of data caused by the network connection. But this is done by Hikvision’s private agreement, so third parties cannot use this technology.

    • 1.can you provide at least 2 years warranty with the OEM service?

      Our official warranty is 18 months. But usually we provide free repair service for much more than 2 years.

      2.can you provide a design box with company logo?

      Yes, it requires MoQ 500pcs/item without extra cost. If less than 500pcs, the unit cost +1.00USD/pcs

      3.What the percentage of defective products do you expect per order?

      Less than 1%

      4.How do you replace defective products if we have any?

      Before, we would like to give customer free repair service, each year customer return  RMA twice back to China for us, the shipping cost is each side cover half. But usually it takes too long time, so most of the customers choose to ask for 1% extra  spare part or 1% discount for the total order.

      5.How long is the delivery time?

      Usually would be 3 weeks to 1 month, it depend on the model number and your custimization requirment. And the sample would be within one week.

      6.Do you have team to help on the software?

      Yes,we do the camera configuration customization and camera function customization for customers. The configuration customization mainly depends on the customization of default parameters, and the camera function customization  is the addition and subtraction of camera features. Function customization involves the bottom layer of firmware and requires additional R&D intervention. Please communicate with the salesperson in detail.

      7.What makes your camera better or what features do you like over your competitors?

      The quality of our cameras, as well as the expertise of our rigorous product testing and support team. Good after-sales service. Our surveillance camera capabilities are designed to work efficiently with your existing surveillance infrastructure.

      8.What is the operating temperature of your cameras? How cold can it get without a problem?

      The working temperature of the cameras is civil grade,-10°-50°. Individual needs can be-20°.

      9.What happens to the camera's video output mode when the power resets? Does it go back to default or remain in the correct mode?

      When the power is reset, the camera will restart, but the previous settings will not be affected.

      10.Does your camera have the reset function?

      Wifi cameras are mostly available.

      11.Are you a manuafacturer?

      Yes, we have our own factory and are the leading manufacturer.

      12.Would the motion detection pick up mice and rats?

      Yes,Motion detection is triggered when there is a moving object.

      13.Is this camera always recording ? Can it always record to my phone?

      The camera can be set to record all the time, and it can be set to trigger an alarm when the hard drive is full, or it can be overwritten automatically. If the Internet is available, you can view real-time video or playback remotely with your phone.

      14.what is the difference of viewing angle between 2.8mm and 3.6mm fixed lens?

      The camera can be set to record all the time, and it can be set to trigger an alarm when the hard drive is full, or it can be overwritten automatically. If the Internet is available, you can view real-time video or playback remotely with your phone.

      15.Is this camera always recording ? Can it always record to my phone?

      The camera can be set to record all the time, and it can be set to trigger an alarm when the hard drive is full, or it can be overwritten automatically. If the Internet is available, you can view real-time video or playback remotely with your phone.

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